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2016 is an exhilarating year for the gadget fanatics. For all the Apple enthusiasts, this is going to be an exciting year, just as the preceding year was. While the year 2015 showed us incredible products which were not only mind blowing but also technology at its best, the current year is going to unfold itself as the most gripping year once again in this field, with all the new launches and improvisations on gadgetry.


There are many leading companies that have flooded the gadgetry segment with new products which are arguably good and advanced! But, when comes to Apple, it is a different proposition altogether! A leading group in the field of technology and innovation, they lead the world today with their incredible products such as iPhone, i-Pad, Mac, Apple watch, iOS and more. They have always dominated the gadgetry scenario worldwide and still remains the undeniable, multinational tech giant with its headquarters in Cupertino, California, and its overwhelming global presence anywhere and everywhere else.

A past master in innovative technology, Apple is now one of the most talked about companies the world over! Their designs are imaginative, modern and smart. Forget about those clunky designs and get ready to experience the whole new world of advanced technology!

Apple Watch

Apple Watch2 is on the cards!

In 2016, Apple lays more emphasis on its watch section. They are planning to launch Watch2 with its all-new design and improvisation. It will be an upgraded chronometer and a delightful departure from the rest. We are expecting its launch by March this year.


New features to our favorite iPhone

Now coming to iPhones– the flagship product! We have already enjoyed the ‘s’ model in iPhones range, but now the much talked of iPhone 7 is coming up with all new upgrades and design. Some rumored new features you surely will look forward to are wireless charging, waterproof, better battery life, an improved 3D camera, slimmer design with wireless headphones.


iPad Pro can be a big hit

Anticipations are already high on the new, bold Apple iPad Air 3, where we are expecting an update to the old model. It’s expected that Ipad Air 3 will have a faster processor, better camera, 3D touch and an Apple pencil. Rumors are afloat that we can see them as early as in the March event 2016! iPad Pro is going to get a good deal of attention, this time, enhancing iPad sales to a great extent. iPad Pro is a good replacement for laptops only if it is capable of running OS X, but this upgrade program has not been stated in their strategy, according to the verdict of CEO Tim Cook.

Round Up

We are most expectantly waiting out the launch of the latest products from Apple and looking forward to the upcoming 21st march 2016 event. We just can’t wait to feast on the latest versions of Apple wizardry!