The most common and complex kind of movement obstacle due to unknown reasons, especially in adults aged above 55 years, is back pain. Though seemingly innocuous at the onset, an almost imperceptible stiffness in your lower back may worsen over time and pose great problems for you in normal movements.

The Start

back pain
The onset of back pain

You wake up one fine morning with slight discomfort in leaving the bed and reaching out for your toothbrush or shaving set. By the time you are finished with the other morning chores and get set for the workplace, the peculiar numbing, pricking sensation will have turned into a real mess tugging you back home. Immediately you take to some commonplace free hand exercises or painkillers only to complicate the situation.

In fact, arbitrary measures are of no help given that the actual malady may lie in some deeper roots. Right from the upper neck down to the heels, the tendons and ligaments activate our muscles and joints which are mainly responsible for our mobility. An abrupt jerk or impact on these sensitive areas may snap the cohesion underlying these sinewy tissues, accompanied by stiffness spreading over to the adjacent parts. All these irregularities can grow un-knowingly if you are elusive of their damaging potentials.

Important Precautions against Back Pain

So, back pain is one ‘necessary evil’ in your busy life schedule you can afford to steer clear of. What you can do is manage it effectively. If the pain is not acute, first let it subside to a minimum level. Go immediately for a simple home exercise workout that would hardly take 15-20 minutes out of your valuable time. And, of course, do see your doctor if it won’t relent beyond, say, a couple of days. Never nurture it to settle down.

Stretching plays a very important part here. Moderate, systematic stretching exercise down your lower waistline, with a special focus on training the muscles, tendons and ligaments bracing the joints along the hip, knee and ankles can help reduce back pain episodes. An awareness of the risk-free lifting techniques, correct sitting and leaning postures (no slouching this time around), preventive exercises, aerobic fitness and, most importantly, of the lethal potency of common back pains can go a long way to ensure  a sound back health for you.