Easter 2016
Easter celebrations and what to expect on Easter 2016

We will be celebrating Easter 2016 on March 27, which is a Sunday. This is a festival and a holiday when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. One of the most popular church services around the world, the Christians observe these festivities by visiting the church and celebrating the Easter holidays with wonderful zeal.

What Is Easter?

On Easter Sundays, the Christian fraternity celebrates the resurrection of Lord Christ. According to beliefs and scriptures, Lord Christ raised from the Holy grave three days after his death. The event was first sighted by Mary Magdalene. It is believed that Lord Jesus took upon Himself the burden of sin of the entire humanity by courting death through crucifixion. Easter Sunday marks the end of the Easter season. In western Christendom, it all starts with lent. It is mainly a period when people follow rituals like fasting for 40 days and other ways of penance. Easter Sunday marks the end of lent and beginning of the Easter season.

Why Easter Dates Change Every Year

The Easter dates are changing every year, when it is celebrated on the first full moon Sunday after 21’st of March. It because the whole concept of Easter feasts is based on the lunar calendar. Going through the pages of history, we learn that the Western churches used the Gregorian calendar. While Eastern orthodox churches stuck to the Julian calendar to calculate the dates for the Easters. In western Christianity, Easter is now being calculated on the Sunday following the Pascal Full Moon date of the year.

Easter 2016 and Celebrations

Easter 2016

Celebrating Easter is largely marked with egg rolling. Shops line up their windows with colored wrappings for Easter candles and chocolate eggs. Some decorate trees with hollowed out and painted eggs. In some countries, hordes of processions are taken out with participants wearing white robes, carrying statuettes as special tableaux in the processions.

Different countries of different spiritual values observe Easters in several distinctive ways. Kids, however, have their own way of celebrating Easter! Right from the rolling and painting on eggs to chocolate bunny making or the like. Around 16 billion jelly beans are made for the Easters. Close to 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies and around 700 million peeps are sold during the holidays. It is said that Easters are the second largest candy-consuming day all over the world.