Finally, it’s official, the sequel of Frozen is coming to the theaters soon. It is named Frozen 2. The company unveiled their plan for the sequel in the annual shareholders meeting in Walt Disney Studio in San Francisco.

The Precursor Of Frozen 2

The directors of the first film Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are also said to have been working on the new project along with the producer Peter Del Vecho at the Walt Disney Animation Studio. The studio also bagged an Oscar for this animated feature film.

Although the studio has not provided us with an actual release date but the production starts in the next month. The head creative administrator of both Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studio John Lasseter announced the beginning of the new project along with Disney Chief Bob Iger and the vocal actor of a Frozen character Olaf, Josh Gad.

Frozen 2
Frozen 2 will be here soon

Although the news of the sequel does not come as a surprise to us, as the first film made a major amount money for the studio after its release on 22nd November 2013. It somewhat motivated the studio to give a green signal for the sequel. The film earned nearly $1.3 billion at the box office and it has broke many sales records on home videos at the Disney stores.

Disney also made a short film named Frozen Forever. It clearly reunites the animated characters and songwriters. And also hinted on the coming sequel.
Although the announcement of the sequel only happened a year ago but things are moving pretty fast as the production starts next month. As we said earlier that we have no idea about the release date although the good news is that the star of the movie Kristen Bell has shared some additional information with us.
While she was promoting her upcoming comedy The Boss with Melissa McCarthy, she said…
“The first draft script is complete, they are doing some last minute corrections, but I think we will be recording this month. The story is great, and from what I know of the team they would not just write anything to put it out. This is why it took them this long to even announce the movie. Usually, when you have a remarkably successful movie you would want make a second one and they took a long time because they wanted to be sure about the story, they wanted time to realize what they need to tell and what will be important and I think they have finally found it.”


We think it is for the greater good that Disney did not push the directors and writers for an immediate sequel. The good news for the fans is that original voice actors are also joining the team of Frozen 2, hopefully, they will make something magical like the first one.