Exotic and classy stuff sometimes demand an exuberant price range! But when you actually go through the characteristics of those things, you can easily make out that such items justifiably deserve that high-end price! Hermes Birkin bags are not only exotic but they are truly a rare blend of purity and class. It breathes out complete art! The bags are expensive, but its premium quality and celebrity usage makes it a piece of delight!

History Of Hermes Birkin Bags

Birkin bags
Hermes Birkin Bags and the history related to it

Birkin bags are personal accessories crafted out of handmade pure leather, and named after the celebrity singer and actor Jane Birkin of the eighties (1985). The bags are currently in huge fashion, because of their hefty price and choice of the celebrities. The price ranges from £7,500 to £100,000 (US$11,550 to US$150,000). It escalates depending upon the type of leather and exotic hide used in its making. These bags are first hand crafted and then sent to the Hermes boutique in limited quantity, which later on become the exclusive pieces for customers. Expert artisans create these bags- entirely hand sewn, polished, buffed and painted. It takes several days to complete one bag. Almost 48 days! There are different textures; color and smell that vary from one bag to another. These bags are created in France and the leather is obtained from various tanners. Each bag is made according to the customer’s choice of leather, color, design, hardware fixtures and diamond-encrusting on it. The bag comes with lock and keys too. A variety of hides, such as lizard and calf leather etc are used. Crocodile skins are yet another variety. These bags are expensive as they are different from other brands, because of their precision craftsmanship and scarcity!


Hermes Birkin bags have now become a status symbol! They are in huge celebrity demand these days. The exquisite designs, diamond studded premium leathers, and meticulous craftsmanship takes it to a new level altogether. High price is not a factor when the product is nothing less than a sheer piece of marvel!!