On 21st March 2016, Apple launched their new range of iPhone, the iPhone SE. It was not a solo launch, though. It was accompanied by the brand new iPad Air, an Apple Watch update, the new and improved iOS 9.3 and a whole lot more.

iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE

At the event, Apple presented their new 4 inch iPhone. Unlike the 5.5 inch iPhone 6S, the new iPhone SE is small in size which means that they are going back. Initially, it was heard that the phone was going to be called iPhone 6C, similar to iPhone 5C which was made of plastic and was mildly cheaper than iPhone 5 but we now know that the phone is going to be called iPhone SE.

At the event, they showed that the design of this new phone would be similar to iPhone 6 and it will come with an A9 chip and support both Apple Pay and Live Photos.

It is reported by a KGI Securities analysts that this 4 inch iPhone will have a 12-megapixel camera and the price will be between $400- $500.

 iPad Air 3

The new and improved iPad Air

The iPad Pro had a big 12.9-inch screen which was made for designers and professionals, people who need a large screen for their work. But the sales of iPad are falling as new smaller tablets are entering the market, and to redeem its position on the market Apple introduced the smaller 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro or the iPad Air 3 comes with all the features of the previous model; it even supports the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard like the last one.

We also came to know that, they are going eliminate the title Air and they are going to cease the production of first generation iPad Air. The new iPad will start at $599 for 32 GB storage capacity, going all the way up to 128 GB. They will not be making any 16 GB version and the base model will only support WiFi.

Apple Watch

The latest nylon band for the Apple Watch

Apple introduced some new wristbands for the wearable tech, including a Woven nylon band, the collection also includes a new range of sports and leather bands in all colors. Along with this comes Apple’s announcement of cutting the base price of the Apple Watch to $299.

Apple TV

Siri Integration in Apple TV

They also talked about the Apple TV which is getting some new improvements to its interface.

They are adding some new extra features such as folders; now you can easily organize your applications on your home screen. It is also getting a free software update which will be available very soon and the update includes Siri.

Tim Cook ended the event saying that this would be the last media event by the company in that particular room. He continued, iPod was announced in this room as well as the App Store. The company has made a great many memories here. He also said that Apple’s new headquarters would probably be ready before the next launch and we hope that you will join us here.