Traveling for long hours on a flight can be tiresome and inevitably lands most of us in utter boredom. The situation worsens when you have to wait at the airport for that connecting flight or a flight which is delayed. Most often this layover gets all over and an uncanny desire creeps in to have a priority pass to the much exciting airport lounge. These lounges are stacked with the state of the art amenities like free wifi, comfortable chairs for that much-needed nap, a whole lot gadgets, magazines to keep you busy and, of course, a diverse range of food and beverage options to choose from. These are privileges that are reserved for the travelers of the business class and if you are traveling with an economy class ticket your access to the airport lounge may cost a hefty amount.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass
Priority Pass and its importance

Priority Pass is one of a kind membership scheme that allows economy class travelers to access the 850 airport lounges from 400 cities and across 120 countries. They constantly add to the list of airport lounges that are on offer. Priority Pass has newly introduced smartphone applications across a varied platform enabling travelers to check the list of airports on the go and even book membership packages accordingly. The membership program has three options which are tailor made for all kind of travelers. The packages start at US$ 99 and ranges up to USD$ 399. Priority Pass is a great third party scheme for the frequent traveler who travels in multiple airlines.

Pay per day passes

This is ideally suited for travelers who want access to the airport lounge on a case to case basis. There are day airport passes that are on offer for travelers and is valid for that particular day or through a stipulated time frame. This was first introduced across various US domestic airports and is gaining popularity gradually across the world. sells day passes to various lounges across the globe including mainland Europe and the UK.


Customized lounge membership

priority pass
The luxurious airport lounges

This is a scheme that is the most beneficial for travelers traveling on a particular airline and on a specific route for a long period of time. One has to check out the various airlines that offer lounge memberships to its passenger and it requires an investment to be made for that very airport designated to that airlines.

There are numerous other ways to gain access to various airport lounges, one of it might be looking for offers at various deal based websites which are offering guest passes for access to various airport lounges. Some credit cards offer lounge access to its members in exchange of reward points accumulated on their credit card spending. One should be careful in choosing the right scheme in order to find the right deal. The factors that matter the most are the purpose, the demography and the frequency of travel. If these are factors are considered in a justified manner one can have a great time at the airport lounge without spending a lot.