Hurtigruten in Norway has become a spectacular travel destination because of its breathtaking scenic beauty. Hurtigruten is the shipping service along Norway’s western and northern coast and covers the entire length of the country. The ship completes a round trip in just 11 days and the trip is stated as the ‘world’s most beautiful voyage’.

Hurtigruten In Norway

Hurtigruten was established in 1893. It was there to improve the coastline communications by the government. Hurtigruten in Norway brought about a breakthrough for the communities along its path. That made sailing much easier and safer. In early days, the mails from central Norway to Hammerfest took 3 weeks in summer. And close to 5 months during winter. In present times, it only takes 7 days.

Hurtigruten In Norway
Hurtigruten In Norway cruise ships

A lot of emphases has been given to tourism. Huge, luxurious ships are introduced to operate in this area. These big ships have got all the required amenities to make your trip worthwhile. Hurtigruten is now a hot hub for tourism activities and has become a global attraction. A great number of passengers comes from all across the globe. The company operates cruises around Greenland, South America and Antarctica. The voyage is simply incredible.

Hurtigruten Cruises

Hurtigruten In Norway
The voyage

Hurtigruten ships provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. You enjoy each and everything along the way. From charming cities and islands to towns and scenic views of mountains. You can enjoy breakfast, luxurious buffets and lunch. There is a 24hours cafeteria. Premium brand liquors are served as well. You will get pampered with world class hospitality and service. There are musical groups aboard. The extensive program of tours includes city walking tours, museum, church visits, and a whole lot more. There are activities such as birding, kayaking, and half day trips to the North Cape etc.

You can pre-book the trips online and Hurtigruten’s fleet includes 13 ships divided into 5 different classes. The newest ships plying the Norwegian coast are MS Midnatsol, MS Finnmarken and MS Trollfjord. These ships all provides luxurious facilities and each ship holds a different style that reflects different cultures through its décor.

Some of the beautiful voyages of Hurtigruten includes the Classic Spring Voyages from 1st of April to 31st of May. Classic summer voyages from 1st of June to 31st of August. Classic autumn voyages from 1st of September to 31st of October. Classic winter voyages 1st of Jan to 31st of March. It is the most incredible and spectacular experience and really comes at a limited edition!