Islas de Gigantes is an isolated archipelago located near Carles and Estancia. You can enjoy the amazing seascapes and cherish the typical ‘island lifestyle’ that Islas de Gigantes has to offer. The island has fresh white sand beaches, filled with exotic seafood and unique rock formations which local people have named after the characters of their mystery tales.

Islas De Gigantes: Island of Giants

If you visit Gigantes, you have many places to cover as the whole island abounds in breathtaking beaches and mesmerizing islands. It only takes half a day to go to the main sites. That include Cabugao Gamay Island, Antonia Beach, Pawikan Cave and a lot of beautiful places.
Gigantes is filled with numerous beaches and sand bars. You can relax at the main island Gigantes Norte and Sur. These islands have their own beaches. But the best beaches can be found at Antonia, Bantigue and Cabugao Gamay Island where you can reach by boat.
Nestled as they are in the calm seas that lie behind the rocks and cliffs, these islands have many a hidden cave to unfold to the tourists. Many of them resemble the Pawikan Cave which has a very airy cavern which is perfect for exploring. The name of the island came from the giant coffins that have been found at the cave of Bakwitan in Gigantes Norte. Inside the coffin, a giant set of human bones was found!

Islas De Gigantes
The beautiful beaches of the Islas De Gigantes

You can also visit the ruins of the Spanish lighthouse which is located on the north shore of the Gigantes Norte Island. If you climb to the top of the lighthouse, you will get to see the beautiful sea from high up there. There is a spot here, locals call it the Boulevard. It is a cliff made of limestones. From here you will get a clear view of all the islands.
Foods are excellent here. You can have cheap but fresh seafood in Gigantes, known as scallops. The islands are filled with good quality fish, crabs, shrimp and squid among other delicacies. The prices of the sea foods are affordable too. It is cheaper than those in the city of Iloilo and Roxas.

Where To Stay

In the Gigantes Norte Island, many reputed resorts have come up. These resorts offer excellent accommodations at an affordable budget for the tourists. Tents are also available in Antonia Beach and Cabugao Gamay Island. Here you can stay at Maruja Flora’s Island Paradise or at the Arjan Beach Resort. In Iloilo City, there are many good hotels too, such as Sheridan Boutique Resort, Hotel del Rio, Days Hotel Iloilo, Smallville21 Hotel, The Grand Dame Hotel and many more.

Although the inflow of tourists has increased considerably over the years, Gigantes still remains an off-beat point of interest for those who have only heard of it but haven’t experienced it as yet. The place may be somewhat underdeveloped compared to Boracay or Bohol or other tourist places; the place is fabulous, nevertheless!