It has been a long time since Android Watches arrived at the market. But, no matter how good they are, some people do not buy them. Until the authentic watchmakers have them to offer. Ultimately the time has come! This time, the Michael Kors Android Watch is going to rock the market.

Michael Kors Android Watch: The Design

Michael Kors android watch looks like a traditional timepiece which has interchangeable bands. The Smart Watch comes in gold and black. The gold colored watch brings you the expensive and glamorous option. While the black one gives you the casual look of leather and silicone straps.

The Specs

The Smart Watch run both Android Wear and Google’s Smart Watch platform which means it is able to connect with both iPhones and Android phones. Similar to other Smart watches, they also show app notifications on-screen, along with fitness tracking data, email, social networking alerts, text and other Google services which include voice recognition software. The users will be able to change the display face of a Michael Kors watch from digital chronograph design to a glittering pave for the night.

Michael Kors Android Watch
The characteristics of Michael Kors Android Watch

The customize option was very important for Michael Kors as they wanted users to infuse their own unique style into the Smart Watch they wear. John Idol, the chairman and CEO of Michael Kors, said that throughout the day the users would be able to change the straps of the watch or the face of the watch, so it would be reflective of their individual mood and style.

The Success

Michael Kors continues to be one of the top watch brands in the world. In North America itself, the company had a 20% increase in sales thanks to its accessories and other offers with the product range.

When the giants like Samsung and Apple have been consulting fashion experts and designers to convert their computer gadgets into a unique piece of jewelry, the authentic watchmakers are storming the market from the other side where they insert their unique technology into their designer fashionable watch, which they know for sure will be greeted well by their customers.

The CEO also said that they received a strong response from the loyal customers over the last few years; now they wanted to launch a Smart Watch which unmistakably goes with their style. They didn’t like others’ funky designs where it looks like an overpriced computer, strapped to the wrist!

They had not only foreseen that the wearable technology business was going to be huge in near future, but they saw an opportunity also to create products that look expensive and classy. And, this time, they are going to focus not only on the design but also on the technological excellence at its best.