The Hardanger Bridge of Norway is one of the most famous and beautiful suspension bridges in the world. Due to various reasons, however, its name has been changed to Norway Sky Bridge. The Norwegian Parliament had approved the plan for the bridge on 28th February 2006, and constructions got underway eventually on 26th February 2009.

Facts-file of the Norway Sky Bridge

Initially, the bridge had a budget of €290 million. It is 4,600 feet long. The main span is 4,300 feet which is 64 feet longer than the awesome Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. The sailing height is 180 feet and the towers reach 660 feet above the sea level. The bridge has two lanes for cars with 50 miles-per-hour speed limit, besides having a separate lane for walking. Per day, almost 2000 cars pass through this bridge which has opened on 17th August 2013.

This is one of the longest bridges on the planet. It also features the longest tunnel in the world. On the southern approach of the bridge, the cars first enter the Bu Tunnel. Covering a distance of 0.75 mile, the tunnel passes directly under the village of Bu. On the north side, there is an even longer tunnel spanning a full stretch of 4.7 miles, called the Vallavik! Inside this tunnel, there is a 1,600 feet long roundabout. At this point, cars can take to another 1,600 feet long tunnel which leads to Ulvik. They can also opt for a 4.3 miles long tunnel leading to Granvin.

Staying Close

Norway Sky Bridge
The great Norway Sky Bridge

The Sky Bridge of Norway has really caught up with the imagination of tourists in a very short span of time! People from around the world swarm into Hardangerfjord in Hordaland county, Norway, to catch a glimpse of this architectural beauty round the year.

There are a few good hotels here if you want to stay close to the Sky Bridge namely, Magnuson Hotel Marina Cove which stands only 8.8 kilometers away from the Sky Bridge, Keystone Hotel, Coconut Inn, Havana Inn, Inn on the Beach etc., all overlooking this architectural wonder from the closest possible distance.