Unwanted eye bags are the manifestations of a common facial problem. You can prevent eye bags with just some basic and simple steps. But they come to appear as though from nowhere. They are something beyond your known preventive measures. And, perhaps, something you just cannot easily get rid of.

Causes Behind Unwanted Eye Bags

There are several contributory factors behind those ugly blemishes on your face. Puffy under eyes are among the most common facial problems. It is basically indicative in nature. They are certainly very much irritating as they make you look soggy. However, there are measures you can follow to prevent such problems at the initial stages.

A common problem these days with people increasingly espousing fast lifestyle full of strife and frustrations,  from various reasons.

  1. Of all things, the predominant factor of developing unwanted eye bags is ageing. When you get old, your muscles and ligaments get weak. It cannot hold the fat in the proper place, making it look puffy.
  2. The other most commonly cited factor is heredity. Sometimes this problem turns out to be the source of untold mental stress because people may have them in their genes.
  3. Allergies may be a definite reason. Exposure to some allergens can lead to inflammation and swellings!
  4. Body water retention: Accumulation of excess fluids inside the body system can also lead to unwanted swellings and puffiness of the eyes.
  5. Hormonal changes too lead to this problem, such as the one experienced during pregnancy and menstrual irregularities.
  6. Sleep problem often leads to under-eyes swellings. Inadequate sleep can create problems inducing puffiness and dark circles.
  7. Too much sodium intake can also cause unwanted eye bags.
  8. Certain illnesses contribute to the development of eye bags, such as chronic sinus, eczema, anaemia, conjunctivitis.
  9. Last but not the least, consumption of excess alcohol leads to under eye swellings worsened by dehydration.

Now that you have known the prime reasons behind those eye swellings, you can look further to learn the ways to fight against those!

Remedies To Prevent Eye Bags

Prevent eye bags
The remedies to prevent eye bags

Here are some easy tips to avoid developing eye-bag problems.

  • Proper sleep for at least 8 hrs in conjunction with drinking of adequate water to keep you hydrated. Remember, both are interrelated and crucial to maintaining a balanced system.
  • Reduce intake of alcohol and excess salt. Stay away from processed junk food.
  • For a quick-fire solution, you can opt to place chilled green tea bags over your eyes. Hold out for some time and get rid of puffiness.
  • Splashing of cold fresh water on your eyes in the morning goes a long way in de-stressing your eyes. Frozen cucumber and peas can also help in soothing your eyes and prevent eye bags.
  • Lastly, you can easily try out the cosmetic fillers to obviate such problems.

Cosmetic Remedies

Prevent eye bags
Prevent eye bags with help of cosmetics

L’oreal offers some of the premium and super effective eye creams and treatment for reducing eye bags. One such high-end product is L’Oreal Revitalift. It shrinks the under-eye bags just in a few weeks. Lancôme Eye Light Pearl helps to prevent eye bags.

Simple offers soothing eye balm with provitamin b5 and vitamin E , etc. It helps in fixing under-eye problems. It is among some incredible products that can effectively fight against all your eye-bag issues.


Your eyes are your most precious possessions. Make it bright, healthy and beautiful by taking just a little but timely care. Leading a healthy lifestyle is definitely the way to go. Get hold of the above mentioned products and rectify your facial issues in no time!