Most exercises involve a lot of physical effort. Many of us are not always ready for that physical involvement every day. So don’t worry we have just the perfect thing for you. Qigong exercises are exercises which involve your body as well as your mind. If it is practiced properly it can keep you fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

Types And Techniques of Qigong Exercises

Qigong exercises
The various techniques of Qigong

Exercising is a very vital part of our lives. It makes us ready for all the day to day activities that we go through. But to involve your whole body both internally and externally while exercising is a completely different process. Normal physical exercises do not help, Qigong is something which contributes to the whole body like no other. ‘Qi’ means breathing or simply air and ‘gong’ means effort or work, so if you mix the two it leads to a mixture of the two essential elements.

Qigong Techniques

Wai Dan

Known as External Elixir, involves mainly the physical movement along with concentration.

Nei Dan

Known as Internal Elixir, involves meditation along with visualization.

Each one of the techniques has their own unique attributes. But these are the basic and the universal techniques from which many types and subtypes are practiced all over the world.

Qigong Types

Qigong exercises
Postures of Qigong exercises

Medical Qigong

This is the most popular practice and also the oldest form of Qigong. It is practiced for self-healing, curing diseases and enhancing health. It is meant for self-healing.

Martial Qigong

Martial Qigong practitioners can break walls, sustain impacts without hurting themselves. It is meant for physical prowess.

Spiritual Qigong

Spiritual Qigong is for them who wants to control their mind, body and other functions of their body. They train their Qi to a very deep level. It is meant for spiritual enlightenment.

How does it help us?

Advantages of Qigong exercises

Qigong exercises involve both the mind and the body

Qigong is not just a physical exercise it is much more than that. It is mainly a body-mind exercise. If you practice it with the right technique you can shape your energy and regulate it to get harmony and balance. Your entire being connects to your body leading to a sense of peace whenever you practice it.

Overcome your resistance to physical exercise

Qigong actually teaches you how to enjoy each exercise. It is so much fun, that it becomes a healthy addiction after some time. Most of us do not like to exercise every day. Qigong helps us to connect our body through our mind. It helps us to experience the joy of movement. If it is practiced the right way, you won’t ever say no to it as it will make you happy and will make you go for it every single day.

Qigong exercises are fun, easy and are for all age groups

Qigong is probably the only practice which is easy to do and can be practiced by any age group. Anyone can learn it and begin to feel the Qi flow within minutes. It is really easy to learn whether you are 8 or 80 years old. It can be practiced anywhere and most importantly, anytime.
So forget the “no pain, no gain” theory of exercising if you are into Qigong. It will help you regain your energy and be young and healthy with the help of your body and mind. It is a stress reliever like no other.