Prolonged sitting at a particular place certainly leads to several health issues, as we are all aware. But did you know that standing for a long time, specifically at desk jobs, is equally hazardous to health? Standing desks are a very unique yet effective thing. Long hours of sitting at a particular place in the same posture can lead to fatal diseases like cancer and heart problems because our cardiac system, blood circulation and, more specifically, metabolic system, that requires a minimum amount of mobility when we are awake.

What The Researchers Monitored

A few recent studies have revealed that standing at your desk has a negative impact on our body and mind. Lengthy stretches of inactive sitting thus can cause fatal diseases. Moreover, it can cause various types of back problems and stiffness. This makes us think that standing desk jobs are the most suitable option so as to get rid of such health snag. Sorry, it’s not the way out. Standing means, you are keeping equally still for a long time as well and it affects your body adversely. It is not at all healthy and suitable for us.

standing desks
The use of standing desks at an office

According to a new study recently published online in the International journal of Epidemiology, standing desk has a negative and adverse impact on health and it is better that we replace a standing desk with a treadmill desk. You may think that this idea is rather amusing! But you are wrong. Planting your rear on a particular surface for a long time, or standing at a place, are all but the same in terms of physical mobility and can be equally harmful at the final analysis. But if you keep on moving and let your body be active, it will help you in combating these nagging health issues indeed! Yes, it is scientifically proven!

Any stationary posture where energy consumption is low may be detrimental to health. Be it in a sitting position or a standing one, it has an adverse effect on health. This is not a casual statement; rather it has been laid down in a scholarly statement by Dr. Melvyn Hillsdon, professor of sports and health sciences at the University of Exeter, England. According to the researchers, sitting itself won’t kill you; rather a sedentary lifestyle, in general, is harmful to health! A recent study has monitored some 3720 men and 1412 women over a time span of 16 years, and what they have concluded is something shocking! How many hours these workers spend on sitting during all these 16 years, have been recorded. After 16 years, researchers revealed that 450 of the participants died. This proves that a static sitting can shorten the lifespan of a person, even if he or she undertakes normal amount of exercise!

Standing Desks And The Recent Scenario

Nowadays, people across the world are being increasingly subjected to standing posture at the workplace. Not voluntarily, though! The very nature of their job makes them stand on their toes all the time in discharge of the job assigned. All over-the-counter-services, watch and ward, check-posts, frontier surveillance postings are cases in point. What really turns out to be a matter of relief is that they are using the sitting or standing desks as sparingly as practicable. Rather they are using it in such a way as would be more appropriate and beneficial to health, alternating their sitting and upright postures more frequently. The watchword is:  ‘If you sit long, don’t just forget to stand every now and then and the vice versa.’ It helps you minimize the health-related risk factors! Health is wealth, and you cannot possibly ignore that!