Asia, the largest continent in the world. The home to some beautiful islands that no doubt the top vacation destinations present on Earth. The crystal clear water, white sands, beautiful sceneries and underwater life glorifies the beauty of these places. Become addicted to the experience and spend your days relaxing your mind and body. These are among those wondrous islands within Asia.

The Top Vacation Destinations in Asia


Bali, Indonesia

top vacation destinations
Get mesmerized with the beauty of Bali

Bali is one of the best tourist destinations of all time. One of the top vacation destinations in the whole continent of Asia. This island is nothing less than a paradise. It is a place that glorifies its ancient structures and cultures. It is a great place to immerse yourself deep into spiritualism. Geographically it is a place with magnificent landscapes, eminent volcanos, lively greeneries, sandy shores and many more things confined within the boundary of Pacific Ocean. Bali is people’s favorite tourist destination in Indonesia. You can perform fun activities like surfing, scuba diving, sightseeing to keep yourself entertained. If you are willing to go for a trip then Bali is the perfect place to be.

Phuket, Thailand

top vacation destinations
Phuket remains one of the top vacation destinations of all time

Phuket is the largest island in the country and is also a popular tourist destination. The sheer beauty of this magnificent place is enough to attract tourists from all around the world and thus making it one of the top vacation destinations in Thailand. Your holidays will shine and every moment spent here will be nothing less than a sweet dream. It can bring you loads of fun, joy, and entertainment as well as help you to bag up experiences. It can even calm your troubled mind and spirit. The mountainous geography of this island is simply exalting and astonishing. Apart from its appealing beauty, there are several attractions available for tourists to explore such as the Thalang National Museum, Phuket Butterfly Garden, Phuket Aquarium and many others. Tourists can also exploit the regional culture and participate in it. They can also delight themselves by indulging into the local cuisine.

Palawan, Philippines

top vacation destinations
Your vacation can never go wrong with Palawan Islands

Situated between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea, Palawan Island is a great place for tourism. In 2007, Palawan Island was rated as the most beautiful island in the world by the Condé Nast Traveler Readers. From then, its beauty has not toned down and it still remains as one of the top vacation destinations in Asia. It is an incredible place to stay, relax and enjoy all the unique and beautiful creations of Mother Nature. The island is home to various exotic animal species and the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of its primal attraction. Animal lovers from all around the world gather here. The mesmerizing beauty of this island along with its flourishing wildlife and greenery will add charm to your vacation.

Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

top vacation destinations
The beautiful Pom Pom Island of Malaysia

The Island can be found in the northeast of Semporna town, Malaysia. It is situated in the Celebes Sea. This small coral reef island is no doubt one of the most exotic place for vacation. With its flourishing marine life, natural beauty, pollution free environment and astonishing coral reefs, this island is one step closer to being a paradise. If you are a nature lover then you will find the beauty of this island beyond comparison. Although small, this  island is bounded by the gorgeous turquoise water of the ocean. It is also a popular dive destination and with its incredible underwater life, there are several things to discover and see. So whenever, you think of going to a vacation try Pom Pom Island and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Akajima, Japan

top vacation destinations
The little yet versatile Akajima Islands

Akajima Island is located in the Pacific Ocean and is a part of Okinawa’s Kerama Islands group in Japan. This little island is a great tourist destination but only a handful of people knows about it. It is flourishing with various wildlife and the pollution free environment makes it even better, richer and nourishing. The island is nothing less than a treasure for divers and snorkelers. Its main attraction resides within its beauty, serenity, and flourishing wildlife. If you are looking to spend your vacation peacefully and tie yourself to the beauty of nature then this little island is your ultimate destination.

A travel lover does not seek for the right season to come in to go on a vacation, they seek for an opportunity. There are places all around the world that are not less than wonders. Mother Nature’s beautiful creation is surrounding us and to experience it one needs to get connected to it. Taking a vacation is probably the best way to do so and by doing so, our mind is refreshed. Thus, we are able to appreciate the beauty around us. But some places are more beautiful than others. The beauty and the serenity of heaven like islands are probably among those places where you can comfort your mind and spirit. If you are looking to spend your vacation in an environment outside of a city then you may find these serene islands to be your solace.