Nowadays, every person has a stressful work life. You are no exception to that! You are always in a hurry to go to your designated workstations in time. So, you tend to lean towards fast foods, which is not healthy. So it is essential to keep track of everything you consume, it will help you to stay fit and will also help to maintain your weight; even if you are overweight it will help you to leave it behind. Saying that, it is not easy to track every bite you take or every sip you drink; so just like the fitness tracking device we have come across a new device, whose job is to help you to track what you consume more precisely. There are a few gadgets that track what you eat thoroughly. They are as follows

DietSensor: The easiest way to track what you eat

track what you eat
Diet Sensor, a device which can track what you eat within a blink of an eye

DietSensor is manufactured with a scanner which makes it an ideal equipment to scan your food. A beam of concentrated light comes out of it and scans your food and tells you the nutritional elements, like how much protein, fat and carbohydrate it contains. From what we observed, an infrared beam is sent by the scanner on the surface of the food, and the light makes the food molecules vibrate which produces a unique optical signal, that is how the device is able to point out the food’s nutritional elements.

The device may be good but there is a problem, the gadget only works for a specific kind of food and that is homogeneous food. So you will be able to scan a piece of bread or a piece of chicken but you cannot scan a chicken burger. There is a database for the foods which are non-homogenous but you have to manually log the foods, it is very similar to a food app such as MYFitnessPal.

track what you eat
The MYFitnessPal app to track what you eat from your smartphone

Although it has some drawbacks but still it is an effective device that helps to track what you eat and that too very easily. It tells you the nutritional contents of the food and based on your health it gives you information about the scanned food, whether you should eat it or not. You can get it for $249, and will be available from September this year.

HidrateSpark: Track what you drink

track what you eat
Track what you drink with HidrateSpark

This device does not track your food but keeps track of how much water you drink. It is a smart water bottle. This device is made with a sensor which can tell you how much water you have drunk and it has the ability to connect to your phone through an app.

The app uses an equation and calculates your gender, height, weight, age and even the temperature and humidity and tells you how much water you should drink.

This water bottle reminds you to drink water by glowing when the time comes. You can get the device after March this year for only $60.

Smart Diet Scale

track what you eat
The useful and the very versatile Smart Diet scale

There is also another piece of equipment known as Smart Diet Scale and it precisely measures the calorie of the food if you put the food on the scale and enter the barcode for the item or manually put the name of the food in the scale through an app.

The app contains a database which contains around 400,000 items along with their UPC codes. You can weigh up to 4 items at once and it costs only for $150.

  • April Eriksson

    I been using the “My Fitness Pal” and its actually really works! its a very good app that can tell us how much or how much more calories we need or we don’t need for the day! its really an amazing and clever apps for everyone who wanted to loose weight or just maintaining the weight:)