Twitter just celebrated their 10th anniversary on Monday 21st of March. This popular social networking website was co-founded by Jack Dorsey who also managed the website from the day it first came online.

Twitter Celebrations

So on the evening of 20th of March, Sunday he started an online celebration on its blog. His post said “Thank you! Love Twitter” and he invited people so that they can celebrate the 1st successful decade of Twitter with #Love Twitter. It began 10 years ago with a single little Tweet by Dorsey. Since then every single moment of people connected to it from all over the world is shared.

Without any doubt after Facebook, it is the new online sensation. It clearly changed the people’s way of online communication. The most splendid thing about Twitter is its 140 character format, which may have been difficult at first, as it forced users to be very careful with their words. For most people this social media platform has become a way to follow events scattered all over the globe.

Twitter’s 10th Anniversary

This particular social media platform may be liked by many. But for the last few years, it has been facing some problems. One being the drop of share prices. The share price has started to drop again from the start of 2016. Many of the executives have already left the company and some are ready to leave, also, the investors have conveyed their uncertainty over the capability of Dorsey, he works 18 hours a day just to run Twitter and the payments company, Square concurrently.

In spite of these facts, it has millions of followers and it remains confident as they thanked the users on its birthday blog post for making history, driving change, cheering up each other and mutually having fun every day.