The evolution of watches made much headway in the 17th century. It was in this century that the mechanical system was replaced with pulsating quartz crystals. Over time, the technology evolved further. The age-old lever operated mechanism changed. There were watches using radio clock technology. With that, watches were able to measure time uniformly while maintaining accuracy.

Watches And Their Defining Attributes

The aristocracy of watches

Since its invention, a watch has not only been used as a timepiece but also as a symbol of aristocracy. It defines the personality of its wearer. Thus assuming the role of a status symbol. There are various kinds of watches from high-end to medium range watches. There are also vintage watches which are valued for their unique craftsmanship. Sometimes there are the ones whose mechanism is powered by springs. Even if they keep time less accurately, they are much expensive than electronic watches. These old life partners despite being run on outdated technology, are treasured as antique objects. These are cherished by rich people as a priceless possession. In 2010, tech giants invented a new breed called Smartwatches. It is designed for the tech savvy lot. While keeping an almost zero-error time, it comes with many other cool features.

You can never go wrong with a Rolex

As said earlier, the choice of a watch is highly influenced by one’s personality. Even the fictional characters like James Bond have that preference for particular brands like Rolex or Omega. If a man is into the corporate culture, he will surely tend to lean towards the classic expensive brands. The choice also varies regardless of the person’s age. For the tech-savvy people, the usual choice has to be the smart watch as it is user-friendly.


Smart watches are the new trend

Smartwatches, however, may not prove to be pocket-friendly. A vast majority of people still goes for the conventional type, with price limits varying from person to person. The classic round-dialed ones may look simple. But quite a few of them are capable of making a teasing dent in your wallet if you really settle for a costly one! A handpicked range of such enigmatic brands are

Round Up

Suffice it to add, there are a lot of them which can really stir up quite a few rich people. Each one of these celebrated brands is one-of-its-kind. They are really the epitome of luxury. It is beyond any comparison at their respective segments. You could hardly afford to settle for anything less, if you are really intent on enhancing your personal charisma.